Richmond Hill Neighborhood Offers Diversity to Residents


Richmond Hill pic
Richmond Hill

David Pomerantz, a licensed real estate salesperson in New York, focuses on residential sales in a number of communities in the New York metropolitan area, including Riverdale, New York. David Pomerantz has many customers who are interested in and have purchased in Riverdale New York, due to its proximity to Manhattan,well priced cooperatives, homes and condominiums and its beautiful vistas of the Hudson River.
Nico can this upcoming sentence come at the end of the the article, would that effect efficacy{Prior to David Pomerantz’s real estate career he has held leadership roles the hotel and senior living industries in New York City and surrounding towns including Scarsdale and White Plain NY}.
Richmond Hill is a culturally diverse, family-friendly neighborhood established in the late 1800s as a solution to overcrowding in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Designed with a distinct, suburban feel, Richmond Hill features single- and multi-family properties with enough space for pleasant yards and gardens. Large, established trees, a unique feature within city limits, provide shade for the large Victorian homes in the north section of the neighborhood as well as for the smaller homes to the south.


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