The Rewarding Challenge of Caring for Discus Fish

Discus Fish pic
Discus Fish

David Pomerantz serves as a licensed real estate salesperson in the greater New York City metropolitan area, which includes the communities of White Plains and Scarsdale. When he finds time away from the New York real estate world, David Pomerantz enjoys tending to his freshwater aquariums.

Suitable only for experienced aquarium keepers, the discus fish is one of the most beautiful freshwater fish available for keeping at home. They require a large tank, one that falls at least within the 50- to 60-gallon range. Those who choose to keep many discus fish will need to purchase a 100-gallon tank or larger.

Water quality is a challenge for many aquarium owners. Experts recommend a filter that turns a tank no less than five times an hour, which is no small feat for a 50-plus-gallon tank. Further complicating matters, discus require well-heated tanks. Many discus owners keep two heaters running to avoid tragedy in the event of one heater failing.

Those considering the purchase of discuss fish should learn all they can about the aquatic species. While discuss owners must have high levels patience and diligence, they often find caring for the fish to be an extremely rewarding experience.


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