The Licensed Real Estate Salesperson in New York State

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson pic
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Licensed real estate salesperson David Pomerantz facilitates sales in the New York City residential real estate market and has clients in other areas of of New York State as well. Mr Pomerantz is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York.
Prior to being a licensed real estate salesperson Mr Pomerantz held leadership roles in the senior living industry in the metropolitan New York area including the nearby municipalities of Scarsdale and White Plains.

Question: What is a real estate salesperson?
Answer:. A licensed real estate salesperson researches and locates properties for clients and assists in negotiations for purchase and sale. The real estate salesperson works along side a licensed broker serving as a representative for her or her.

Question: How does someone qualify to become a real estate salesperson?
Answer: In New York, applicants must complete a 75-hour course and a subsequent exam conducted by the Department of State. To retain and renew a license, salespeople are expected to complete 22.5 hours of training during the two years preceding their renewals.

Question: Can a real estate salesperson operate without a broker?
Answer: No, salespeople are required to work under the supervision of a licensed broker. However, after two years as a salesperson, individuals may take a 45-hour course and subsequent examination to become a broker themselves.


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